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It was Valentines Day for the Workaholics. As usual Anders, Adam, and Blake were making fools of themselves. The episode opened at a bar where a bunch of females dressed in penis paraphernalia are having a great time. Anders, Adam, and Blake decide to go over to them and try and flirt. Adam taking the lead ruins the whole thing for everyone by putting his foot in his mouth and saying inappropriate things as usual.

Going home defeated, Anders, Adam, and Blake decide that their love for pornography is the reason that they cannot talk to girls. That being said, Anders, Adam, and Blake decide to watch porn. After falling in love with a video chat female Anna, who is painting herself and touching herself, Anders takes out his credit card and orders Anna to video chat them. After preparing a song to serenade possible Valentines, Anders, Adam, and Blake decide to use their vocal talents on the video Anna. The song of choice is Lisa Loeb’s, “Stay”. All three of the boys then start to fall in love with this website sweetheart.

Becoming obsessed with this video chat site, Anders, Adam, and Blake try to out do each other in wooing Anna. Of course, being the “workaholics,” Anders, Adam, and Blake have to leave the video chat to go to work. Coming up with a scheme to use a computer to see the female while at work, Anders, Adam, and Blake tell their boss, Julie that her ex-husband is in the parking lot trying to rekindle their marriage. In reality it was just the office creep Bill in the parking lot because Anders, Adam and Blake told him he had a secret admirer. Julie does not find the prank very funny and sends Anders, Adam, and Blake home.

Anders then takes the webcam to look out point where he tries to take the “chick” on a date. Getting jealous, Adam and Blake follow him there and throw Ander’s laptop off the hill. Running out of time and money to video chat, the three invite Anna on a Valentines Day date. Anders, Adam, and Blake then get banned from the webcam site because Anna felt harassed.

The next step in the day was to go to the headquarters where the webcam was being filmed. Anders, Adam, and Blake then run around in a frenzy trying to free all of the women in the studio. They came to find Anna in real life and confessed their love for her. Finding out that whole website is a scam, Anna tells them that she has three kids and that she has been in and out of psychiatric wards her whole life. Anna tells them that if they do not want to be alone on Valentines Day that they can hang out with her for one night.

Returning to the bar where the episode started, Anna ends up not showing up to hang out with them. Anders, Adam, and Blake try hitting on real women in the bar and mess everything up again. Even on Valentines Day, Anders, Adam, and Blake can never catch a break.

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