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Silently Screaming

django-unchained-leonardo-dicaprioAward season is in full swing again and with award season comes the constant question “Who are you wearing?”, tearful acceptance speeches, and huge upsets. But you know who has not had the opportunity to give an acceptance speech?  Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems that it has become a tradition for DiCaprio to not only lose best actor awards but also be snubbed by the nominators completely.

The last time DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar was in 2006 for best actor in Blood Diamond. Since then DiCaprio’s constant snubbing and losing has become a punch line. With gif’s of DiCaprio staring at award show cameras and “silently screaming” have become a huge hit on Internet sites like Tumblr and Reddit.

So why has DiCaprio not won an Oscar? His filmography is impressive; he has been in some of the greatest films of the last decade (The Departed and Inception to name a few). This summer he will be forever immortalized as the on-screen version of the beloved character Jay Gatsby. He is respected through out Hollywood and his last name is correctable via spellcheck. He has made it. So why no Oscar?

DiCaprio has been nominated for 83 awards and he has won 17. The 17 he won have mostly been MTV, Teen Choice, and random critic awards that no one has even heard of, along with a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama he won in 2004 for The Aviator (he lost the Academy Award to Jamie Foxx for Ray).

In the past decade DiCaprio has been picky with the films he has appeared in, much like Daniel Day-Lewis (who has won 2 Oscars and is expected to win a 3rd for Lincoln). In comparison Daniel Day-Lewis has been nominated for 115 awards and won 73. So if both actors are picky with their roles why have they not experienced the same success? It is simple really; Daniel Day-Lewis gives off the impression that he is pure genius (and he is). When he is not acting and waiting around for a truly good role to come around he does carpentry. Hollywood loves him, the Academy loves him and America loves him (so much so that we did not care a British man portrayed our nation’s greatest president). DiCaprio is trying too hard, and no one likes that.

For instance, in his latest film Django Unchained he sliced his hand open during one take. Instead of stopping and getting medical assistance he just went with it and ended up smearing his blood all over another actors face. If that is not proof of how badly he wants an Oscar I don’t know what is. For Django, DiCaprio got a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor (he lost) and did not receive an Oscar nomination.

The Academy Awards love a surprise, like a comedian playing a dramatic role (Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting) and countless actors and actresses who come out of obscurity, give an amazing performance in an indie movie and become the talk of the town. The Academy also loves Woody Allen, Daniel Day-Lewis, Martin Scorsese and a few others who can do no wrong in their eyes.

DiCaprio does not fall into any of these categories, but who knows, could next year be his year? Probably not; The Great Gatsby is set to release in May, a little far off to stay fresh in the minds of nominators for next year’s Oscars, and he is reportedly taking a break from acting. We will just have to wait until he is old and the Academy gives him an honorary Oscar, but I would not put it past the Academy to snub him on that either. At this rate, the actor who portrays DiCaprio in a biopic will win an Oscar before DiCaprio does. But every time I come across that silently screaming gif, I just want to give him a hug and a golden statue

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