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Featured Faculty: Vice-provost Royo

Vice Provost Royo

In this segment of Featured Faculty, we interview the Vice-provost for Student Success, Vice-provost Royo.

As the Vice provost for Student Access, Vice-provost Royo has plans to transform four integral branches of Suffolk University student success into one centralized administration. This would allow for greater control and support of each respective service, allowing Suffolk to further reach students and provide access and support where a student may need it most.

Under his proposed plan, a new division would be created that would house academic support services, international programs, career services, and Graduate and Undergraduate advising all in one area. 

“What I am working on right now is a proposal for the President on how to develop a new division that brings together these four groups… It is my hope that this proposal will be ready for the fall [semester].”

Vice-provost Royo says that by creating an institution that is more “student centered” it will help “better [serve] the students from an academic standpoint.” He says: “It’s also about maximizing the resources that we have.”

Vice-provost Royo also plans to change first-year programs to allow for more student access.

“We would work with the students from the very beginning, to help them prepare for their professional careers… The division of student access will have a crucial role that ensures students are prepared and have the support [necessary].”

“My goal is essentially, to focus on the students so that we really fulfill the mission to be a student-centered institution. I really hope to work closely with the students. I welcome any input, any support, any ideas that the students may have. Having a strong partnership with the students is going to be crucial for the success of this division. I hope to be [meet] with as many students as I can, and I hope for the students to feel that I have an open-door policy to talk [with] them.”

Vice-provost Royo; The Voice congratulates you on your new position and we wish you the best.

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