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Dead To Me

PPL2222In another amazing episode of Pretty Little Liars, Jason (Ali’s brother), comes back. He tells the girls that Ali is now going to be buried in a mausoleum; just incase they want to go and say their official goodbyes. But Spencer being Spencer freaks out on them and says she does not want anything to do with saying goodbye to Ali again.

At school, Mona has the nerve to go up to Spencer and tell her she’s off her “A-game” in regards to the decathlon, but obviously she is just hinting about the legit “A-game.” Mona even mentions Toby, which really just sets Spencer off.

Ever since Ezra left, Aria has been missing him and decides to go hang out in his apartment. While she is there, Ezra’s brother, Wesley, shows up. Then the phone rings and Wesley was very hesitant about answering it, which was really weird. Later on when Wesley and Aria were out, Wesley randomly hits a man in the face when he tried to talk to him. It ended up being his physics teacher’s husband who was pissed at him because Wesley had tried to seduce his teacher. The only reason why Wesley did this was because he wanted to get kicked out of a prep school and kicked out of his family. I guess the Fitz family really likes to cross the teacher/student sexual boundaries.

Spencer ends up getting a text from the private investigator to meet up again talk again. He tells her he’s been tracking Toby’s credit card, but he needs a little more “encouragement” to find out where the A key goes to. “Encouragement” as in $500 in cash. Spencer agrees and then goes to A’s lair and finds all the stuff is gone.

Caleb finds out that his old house is about to be torn down and ends up trying to sort out all his old belongings with Hannah and his uncle. Hannah then talks to Caleb’s uncle about what happened to his parents and she finds out that Caleb’s dad ended up walking out on him because he needed space and would come back when he was actually ready to be a dad. Then Caleb’s uncle gave Hannah a picture of Caleb being held by his father when he was 6 months old. After seeing it, Hannah realizes that Caleb’s “uncle” is actually Caleb’s father.

Emily decides to go see a therapist to get her thoughts organized after everything that happened at the lighthouse. She decides to take part in hypnotherapy and ends up having a flashback to when she was digging up Ali’s grave.

Then Spencer decides to actually show up at Ali’s goodbye ceremony at the mausoleum but not for the right reasons. She tells Jason everything including that Ali was pregnant with Detective Wildon’s baby when she died. Then she carves Toby’s name on his mother’s grave and I have absolutely no idea why.

The episode finally ends with A buying a bottle of whiskey. Random.

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