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Things to do By Yourself This Valentines Day

Ugh, couples. Am I right? Today of course is February 14th, Valentines Day, a day in which couples celebrate their love with teddy bears, flowers, and candy that comes in heart shaped boxes. If you are like me and find yourself alone on Valentines Day, it is okay! Don’t fret!

0004054_broken_heart_anti_valentines_dayFlowers die in like a day, all the candy that comes in those heart shaped boxes is gross, and boys are kind of icky, lets be real. You can definitely have a magical valentines day with the most special person in your life, yourself! (But seriously though, send your Mom a card and maybe some flowers. Mom’s love that stuff, and give her a call to, especially the guys reading this article, call your mother!)

I know what your thinking, “What could I possibly do on Valentines Day that is better than going out to dinner with a special someone?” Lots of things! I have one important suggestion though: stay indoors! The couples will be wandering out. Do not go to the movies. Do not leave the comfort of your dorm room bed. Please stay indoors. Going outside will just give you angst.

Here are my suggestions of things to do by yourself this Valentines day!

1.Paint your nails!

You’ve been meaning to do this for a while haven’t you? Been busy? Treat your self, girl! Paint your nails, try nail art, even painting your toes! And then on February 15th you’ll have pretty nails and get lots of compliments and feel good about yourself etc. What are the other girls going do? Show off their half eaten box of candy? Pssh.


2.Online shopping.

I’ve said it before and I‘ll say it again: the Internet is a magical place, and whoever decided to combine shopping with the Internet deserves a high five. So browse the interweb, and buy something or don’t! It is fun to look too!

You could even combine suggestions one and two and do my favorite thing in the world, online shop for nail polish! is a magical place, and right now they’re selling super cute “Hello Giggles” Valentines themed nail polish sets (and they’re on sale).


 3. One word, Cats.

Have a cat? purrfect (ha) Like me and don’t have a cat? Well you are in luck, because the internet is 90 % cats. Giggle and aww over images of cats on tumblr, or watch the plethora of cat videos on YouTube.

I suggest starting with this one:


4. Netflix.

Cuddle up with your laptop and marathon your favorite show, a new show, a movie, or a weird documentary. My suggestion? The West Wing was just added to Netflix instant, and if you have not watched it, you should get on that. Also on Netflix: The Office, Parks and Rec (I recommend the “Galentines Day” episode), and House of Cards which is a new Netflix original series that is insanely good.



Sleep is awesome, and as a college student you probably don’t get that much of it. So go to bed early! There is nothing wrong with that!

So there you go, all you single ladies have a wonderful Valentines Day, and remember, stay inside.

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