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Fourth and Inches

“Workaholics” 3×14 recap

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

In this week’s episode, Anders, Adam, and Blake go back to high school in football style. After co-worker Jillian takes, Anders, Adam, and Blake to her nephew Billy’s high school football game. Showing up to the game in outlandish clothing and face paint, Anders, Adam, and Blake are seen shouting offensive language at a player on the field who they do not know. Showing off his skills and making touch down after touch down, a very talented Billy is the star of the high school football game. At this time a young high school student and Anders bet cash that Billy will make another touch down and Anders wins.

After the game ends, Anders, Adam and Blake buy a bunch of snacks and “make it rain combos.” At this time, Blake takes a bathroom break. While in the bathroom there is a very long line, so Blake decides to use the smaller urinal. This causes all of the high school boys to make jokes about the size of Blake’s penis saying that it is tiny. This upsets Blake very much and he, because of this rumor, becomes a very popular joke at Billy’s high school.

After the game, the high schooler that Anders had made a bet with decides to give Anders his card just incase he wants to make more bets. Anders decides to take him up on this offer. Anders, Adam, and Blake go back to the high school without Jillian to take place in the bets they made. The final bet that Anders makes is against Billy in the next football game. Wanting so desperately to win the bet, Anders, Adam, and Blake promise Billy older women and lore him to their apartment. At their apartment, Anders, Adam, and Blake fill a tub with illegal substances and try to get Billy so drunk that he will be sick and mess up at the game the next day. After realizing that Anders, Blake, and Adam have no female friends in their life other than Billy’s aunt, Jillian, Billy decides to leave.

The next night Anders, Adam, and Blake go to watch the football game and see how their bet plays out.  The boy who they placed the bet with asks Anders, Adam, and Blake if they heard what happened to Billy and they pretend to know thinking he got sick from their “tub of magic” that they made him. The announcer at the game then announces that the game is dedicated to Billy because he broke his collarbone in a car accident and could not play in the game. Continuing with the bet, Anders keeps his word and bets against Billy’s team. At this point after being humiliated by the cheerleaders, Blake goes to get some nachos at the snack bar. Blake then decides to order a corn dog and thinks up a master plan.

While getting snacks, Adam disappears leaving Anders alone in the stands. Suddenly Billy appears on the field. Billy looking and behaving strangely is happy to be seen by the crowd, but Anders realizes something is off. Adam dresses up as Billy and Anders thinks it is to help the bet. Adam does this to relive his high school fantasies of being a sports guy. Once Adam has the ball and is about to make a touch down, Anders makes him fumble the ball so that he does not loose his bet. The crowd is then distracted because Blake appears on the field streaking with a corn dog over his private area. Billy and Jillian then show up to the game to watch just in time to see Anders, Adam, and Blake ruin their plan and make fools of themselves.

The episode ends in shambles as usual as the Anders, Adam, and Blake drive home defeated as usual.

Tune in for the fifth episode of the season next Wednesday at 10.

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