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Bieber Fever Goes Acoustic

Justin-Bieber-Believe-Acoustic-600x450The biggest pop star on the planet right now, Justin Bieber, has just come out with a new album called Believe Acoustic. It consists of acoustic versions of some of the songs from his previous album, Believe. Being a fan of Justin’s since 2009, I truly think that this is his best album yet. The purpose of this album is to show Justin’s true talent and let the true meanings of the songs come out. It has only been out for a couple of days and it has already converted so many haters. It is on its way to becoming Justin’s fifth #1 album. Justin Bieber is going to be the first artist ever to have five #1 albums before the age of 19.


If you remember, Boyfriend was Justin’s (really catchy) first single from his new album and played constantly on the radio every single day. This acoustic version sounds so much sexier and the Biebs will easily serenade anyone who listens.

As Long As You Love Me

I’m sure everyone knows this song by now. It is Justin’s second single and is such a fierce and intense song, especially with Big Sean on the track. But the acoustic version makes it sound like it should’ve originally been acoustic – it is that good. It’s strangely relaxing and Justin actually sings Big Sean’s part flawlessly.

Beauty and a Beat

Beauty and a Beat is also another song that has been on the radio a lot and is Justin’s third single featuring Nicki Minaj. The acoustic version is definitely one of my favorites on the album because I absolutely love the rhythm and when Justin hits those high notes.. *swoon*. I just wish it was a little bit longer.

She Don’t Like the Lights

Justin originally wrote this song about his relationship with Selena Gomez. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you get a glimpse into how tough their relationship actually was sometimes. A lot of Justin’s fans didn’t actually like the original version. This song actually means a lot to him because he made sure he performed it on his tour, and he made this acoustic version, which I like a lot better than the original. It sounds so much better with just the guitar and without all the random sound effects in the background.

Take You

Take You immediately gets me pumped up for any situation and is also really relatable for me. It’s also one of Justin’s sexier songs and is considered “baby-making music” according to some fans. I agree.

Be Alright

Justin originally wrote Be Alright when he was overseas for a long period of time and missing Selena a lot. The original version of this song seemed like it was already acoustic so I was confused as to why Justin decided to put it on the acoustic album. So obviously it means a lot to him (if you listen carefully, in the beginning you can hear Justin say, “Damn, I miss you”. He misses Selena L) and I realized Justin re-made it with a piano instead. This song is just absolutely amazing and I have a special place in my heart for it. Whenever I have a bad day, I just listen to this song and know that “everything’s gonna be alright.”

All Around the World

There’s a rumor going around that the original version of this song is supposed to be Justin’s next single, so I suggest you listen to it. It is another song of Justin’s that has a lot of different beats and background music so the acoustic version sounds differently and truly lets Justin’s voice shine through.

Fall (Live)

Fall is one of Justin’s best songs, hands down. He originally was not even going to put it on the acoustic album because it was already acoustic, but he knew all his fans really wanted it on the album. He ended up deciding to put the live version on it. I always forget this is live because Justin sounds so flawless in it. Anyone who thinks Justin can’t sing needs to listen to this and you will immediately change your mind. A lot of my friends who did not like Justin Bieber ended up actually really loving this song because it is relatable and “hater-proof.”

Yellow Raincoat

This is the first brand new song that Justin put on the acoustic album. It’s not one of my favorites but Justin’s voice sounds so cool in it. It’s a different sound for him. There are a lot of different metaphors in this song including the “yellow raincoat” signifying Justin’s happiness.

I Would

This is the second brand new song on the album and I immediately fell in love with it. It is very relatable and instantaneously gets you in a good mood. I realized Justin wrote this a couple months back after he instagramed lyrics from it. It is such a cute song.

Nothing Like Us

This song is just… I can’t even put into words how  a m a z i n g  this track is. Be prepared to ball your eyes out while listening to it. You probably know Justin and Selena broke up and this song is just how Justin feels about it. It is so depressing because you can almost feel how badly Justin’s hurting because he realized what he lost. This song was not even supposed to be on the album because Justin said it was too personal. But it is too real and raw to not put it on the album. He decided to be honest with his fans and put it on as a bonus track and I am so glad he did. This song defines the talent of Justin Bieber and makes me so proud to have been a fan since the beginning.

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