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Miley Cyrus Can’t Be Tamed

spl487240_001Cyrus has recently been trying to repeal her squeaky-clean image from her Disney-days and show a more mature side; in this case, mature means more skin.

Posing for the cover of Cosmopolitan, she is back in the game and on the scene again, and this cover will be stopping traffic. Sporting only an all-white pantsuit, Chanel necklace, and no bra, Cyrus is definitely proving that she can’t be tamed. As she tells Cosmopolitan in an interview, with Disney “finally off her back,” Cyrus is ready to drop a new record this year.

The generation that grew up watching Hannah Montana is currently what we refer to as “tweens.” As much as Cyrus may wish to regardless of wanting to ditch her best-of-both-worlds life, being a tween icon may mean she will never be able to shed the image that made her a star.

Cyrus also reveals that she will be doing a collaboration with Tyler the Creator of Odd Future. Odd Future’s musical reputation is about risky raps and testing how far they can go. The performances that the boys of Odd Future give are notorious for being sold out and wild. Cyrus’ collaboration with Tyler the Creator is not only shocking, but will definitely not be tween friendly. That being said, many tweens trying not to act their age have been known to be the newfound fan base of Odd Future.

Cyrus also tells Cosmo that Mary J. Blige will be producing and writing a track off her new album. Talk about a random collaboration. She stated that Tyler heard the track and was so into it that he asked Cyrus to be a part of it.

Is Cyrus just another teen star causality? Just like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Vanessa Hudgens, she may end up ruining her career with yet another scandal.

Cyrus always seemed to be family orientated, sharing the spotlight and living in the shadow of her “Achy Breaky Heartbreak” father Billy Ray Cyrus. Also growing up alongside electronic pop-punk brother, Trace Cyrus of Metrostation, it is almost as if the Cyrus clan is having a spitting contest to see who can have the biggest scandal. Even Trace is no stranger to a tarnished image. After impregnating Disney-star Brenda Song in 2011, this tattooed front man lived up to his bad-boy image.

After re-branding herself with a new hairstyle comparable to Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter, the tabloids have been keeping a close eye on what Cyrus will do next.

Well, look no further; Cyrus’ next move is on newsstands everywhere. Not only is the tag line of her Cosmo article “It’s Miley Bitches,” but Cyrus is also really baring all. She is overly gushing on very intimate details with her fiancé, who she refers to as her “hubby.” She explains how sexy she thinks he is and how she cannot get enough of him.

From Disney star to wild child, Cyrus is definitely trying to find herself. The main concern is if she is a positive or negative influence on her fan base. Almost 21-years-old, Cyrus is not even legal to drink, but she has been known to be quite experimental, an express train that is not looking back. She is an example of all of the innocence being sucked from the youth of our nation.

To read more about Cyrus, her new record, and all of her intimate relationship details, check out this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, on sale now.

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