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Out of the Fire, Into the Inferno

(ABC Family)

(ABC Family)

If you are like me, you thought that this week’s episode was going to be boring compared to last week’s crazy episode, but we were wrong.

Emily gets a box in the mail of all these cards that she gave to Ali when they were younger. Since Emily’s mom works at the police station now, she mentions it to one of the cops and he says that the people who sent the box should not even be contacting Emily at all.

Hannah’s mom is back and asked her what happened to her arm, just like any other mom would. Hannah lies to her. She does not need her mom knowing that A is still after her and she certainly does not need her mom to protect her from Mona.

Aria is miraculously all better now after randomly being sick in the last episode. Her father, Byron, is on the phone with Meredith’s father and actually finds out that Meredith has had psychological issues for years. But, like the gentleman he is, Byron still wants Meredith to get better – which is a little weird since she tried to murder his daughter and all. He then goes on to tell Aria that his one job as a father was to make sure she does not get hurt. He has not done a very good job.

Now, we all know Spencer finally found out Toby is A in the last episode and you would think that she would go tell the girls right away, but no. Obviously Spencer is still in love with Toby and thus does not tell anyone. Spencer goes a little crazy in this episode. Whenever one of the girls tells her about another A clue, she does not want to listen. She does not want to be apart of A’s games anymore, but when Emily forces Spencer to read Ali’s notebook that she got in the mail, Spencer finds out that Toby and Ali almost hooked up. This is when Spencer almost tells Emily that Toby is A but then stops herself and just tells Emily that her and Toby broke up.

Hannah starts noticing that Caleb is sort of avoiding her because he says he is always busy but she does not know why. At school, she hears Paige on the phone with Caleb and decides to investigate. So Hannah goes to a lesbian club to talk to Paige, but ends up seeing Paige flirting with another girl when she is supposed to be with Emily. Hannah then gets caught with an alcoholic drink and ends up being taken to the police station.

Emily goes and talks to one of Ali’s old friends and we find out that Ali thought she was pregnant. She was two weeks late on her period and really scared. Maybe she threatened Byron for that money because she needed it to get an abortion? Then Emily and the girls realize that everything is getting too intense. They hand Ali’s notebook in to the police.

Spencer gets a text that is supposedly from Aria, saying she and Ezra broke up. As Spencer is leaving to go meet up with Aria, she sees Ezra and confronts him about supposedly breaking up with Aria. She ends up telling him that he has a son. However, A was the one who sent Spencer that text, not Aria.

Ezra then goes to Aria’s school and demands to be told the truth. Aria admits that she was wrong in not telling him because she was the one that Ezra was supposed to trust with anything.

Back to Spencer: we see her texting someone to meet up. It turns out to be a private investigator and she gives him the A key, telling him to find out where it goes to and to stalk Toby.

Then Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment, seeing him leaving with suitcases. He says he is just going to visit his ex wife and his son for a couple days.

The episode finally ends with A burning the head of Hannah in bobble-head form. She is next.

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