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Celtics Mid-Season Report

RondoWith the All-Star break three weeks away, the Boston Celtics have completed more than half the season. Through 43 games, the C’s have suffered tough losses and have yet to show the passion and grit that Celtics fans have been accustomed to seeing throughout the new big three era.

Yes we have seen glimpses, which led some to believe the Celtics were ready to turn the corner but with a record of 20-23 it‘s fair to say they have not lived up to expectations thus far.

Rajon Rondo 

(13.4 PPG/11.1 APG/5.3 RPG)

One of the main storylines heading into training camp was about Rondo becoming the leader and face of the franchise. So far, Rondo has shown that he might be a bit immature to carry that title. Yes he leads the NBA in assist per game and averaging career highs in points per game but with two separate incidents that led to suspensions, maybe the title is too big for him at the moment.GRADE: B-

Avery Bradley

(7.8 PPG/1.4 APG/1.3 RPG)

No incompletes here. Celtics brass led us to believe that when Bradley returns from his double shoulder surgeries he would anchor the C’s defensive unit and bring the team back to respectability. Corresponding with AB’s return, the Celtics defensive numbers improved greatly, giving way to a six-game winning streak. GRADE: B

Paul Pierce

(18.9 PPG/5.7 RPG/3.9 APG)

The captain continues to put up respectable numbers as he continues to find ways to produce while going up against premier talent on a nightly basis. Pierce even had a “turn back the clock” game against Cleveland back in December where he scored 40 points. Unlike last season’s team that turned up the heat as the season went on, we have yet to see if this team is capable of that kind of magic. At 35, the question remains the same for Pierce. Can he find the fountain of youth and carry the team on his back? We’ll soon find out. GRADE: B

Brandon Bass

(7.7 PPG/5.0 RPG/0.8 AST)

We are not seeing the Brandon Bass of last season. The consistency is not there. The guy that made Big Baby a distant memory is not there. Bass has shuffled in and out of the starting lineup all season and there should be no excuse in having Jason Collins playing over you in any circumstance. Bass needs to step it up in all areas. GRADE: D

Kevin Garnett

(14.7 PPG/7.0 RPG/2.1 APG)

KG is giving it all he can. When Garnett is on the floor, the Celtics are much better defensively. When he isn’t on the floor, the Celtics are a disaster on defense. Like the case with Pierce, Garnett needs to pace himself as the season goes on. The coaching staff is helping with KG play in increments of five minutes. Expect Garnett’s minutes to increase as the playoffs inch closer. GRADE: B-

Jason Terry 

(10.0 PPG/2.2 APG/1.9 RPG)

“The Jet” was expected to play the same sixth man role he thrived in during his successful run with the Dallas Mavericks but with Bradley’s injury, Terry was penciled in as starting shooting guard. That has not worked out as smooth as Celtics fans would like. With Bradley’s return, Terry showed flashes of what he his more than capable of bringing to the table. Nobody expected Terry to fill Ray Allen’s shoes, but the Jet’s fuel may be running out. GRADE: C-

Jeff Green

(9.4 PPG/3.1 RPG/0.9 APG)

This guy has a world of talent and has shown it in flashes. After returning from heart surgery, Green was expected to play a major role in bringing the Celtics to another level. Instead, Green has played very tentatively when, in fact, he has the prowess and talent to take over the game at anytime. During the pre-season, Brian Scalabrine compared Green to former Los Angeles Laker and Hall of Famer James Worthy. Green had a strong pre-season but that hasn’t carried over to the regular season. GRADE: C-

Courtney Lee

(7.1 PPG/2.2 RPG/1.3 APG)

Lee began the season as the starting shooting guard, splitting time with Terry. His inconsistency on both ends of the court led to him losing the starting spot, but Lee was not brought into the fold to be a starter. As the season goes on, Lee continues to improve and has benefited with the return of Bradley. Don’t forget, Lee was the starting shooting guard for Orlando when they made a run to the 2009 NBA Finals. Expect Lee to continue to improve as the season carries on. GRADE: B-

Jared Sullinger

(6.2 PPG/6.1 RPG/0.8 APG)

Learning on the fly, Sullinger has impressed many with his high basketball IQ. Sullinger has put up solid numbers and is molding into an eventual double-double machine. He is aware of his capabilities and brings great effort to the court every night. GRADE: B+

Leandro Barbosa

(4.6 PPG/1.1 APG/0.8 RPG)

Barbosa brings tons of desperate energy to an aging Celtics team but he can’t seem to fit into the rotation. With Bradley, Lee and Terry, the Celtics are flooded with shooting guards. When needed, Barbosa has shown he can provide a spark. If the C’s don’t turn it around soon, maybe Barbosa gets his number called. GRADE: B

Jason Collins

(1.1 PPG/1.6 RPG/0.3 BPG)

Not much was expected from Collins to begin the year. He had his moment in the starting line-up but has brought very little to table. Collins has never been an impact player in his career but at this point of the season, the C’s have shown they need all the frontcourt help they can get. GRADE: C-

Chris Wilcox

(4.7 PPG/2.3 RPG/0.4 BPG)

Another non-existent role player due to injury, Wilcox has not been able to prove his worth. While on the floor, Wilcox’s ability to run the court and finish strong at the rim has made him a favorite playing alongside with Rondo. GRADE: C-

Fab Melo

Maine Red Claws Stats: (11.3 PPG/6.8 RPG/3.6 BPG)

Without any NBA action, we’re grading Melo’s performance with the D-League, Maine Red Claws. The only things Melo has shown this season is that he isn’t quite NBA-ready and when he is, Fab will more than likely provide the team with tons of comedic relief. GRADE: C

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