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I had a feeling that this week’s episode was going to be crazy. And guess what? I was right.

The episode started with Aria (Lucy Hale) looking very pale and wearing sweat pants, which was a rare occasion on this fashionable show. We find out she’s actually really sick, but from what? We don’t really know, but the cast starts talking about whether or not they think Aria’s dad could’ve potentially hurt Ali, which is hard to think about.

In this episode we are further introduced to “A’s” mysterious character. We get a huge glimpse into “A’s” lair. Obviously it’s Mona and Toby plotting what they’re going to do next, and we find out that Mona actually “Isn’t calling the shots.” Hmmm…. so someone else is telling Mona and Toby what to do?

Moving onto Hannah and Caleb: Hannah overhears Caleb talking into the phone, “I’m in. I’m not gonna let her do anything to Hannah.” Hannah realizes he’s talking about not letting Mona hurt her, and makes Caleb promise her to not do anything stupid. Hannah wanted to keep a close eye on Caleb so she asks Emily to follow him after school. Emily ends up following Caleb to a restaurant and we see that Caleb was actually meeting up with Paige. Both Paige and Caleb care very much about their significant others, Emily and Hannah, and just don’t want to see them getting hurt by “A”.

Now, we all know from previous episodes that Toby is in fact “A.” But Spencer still doesn’t realize it. So when Spencer and Toby’s anniversary rolls around, Spencer decides to surprise Toby with a homemade romantic dinner.

Then we see Aria has decided to stay home from school because she’s been feeling really sick. Meredith, the woman that Aria’s dad had an affair with, goes to go check on Aria. I found it strange how she was sort of forcing Aria to drink her tea, but then later on we find out, Meredith was actually drugging Aria and even took her cell phone so no one could get in touch with her. She would drug Aria and then go look for Ali’s diary pages, which had all the evidence about threatening Aria’s dad about his affair. Eventually Meredith ended up never finding them, and then we see Ali herself go into Aria’s room and take the diary pages out of her doll in Aria’s closet. Before Ali left, she put the doll down next to the door. Then we see Aria supposedly wake up from a dream, but it wasn’t a dream because the doll was still by the door where Ali put it. Mind blown!

Hannah, on the other hand, thought she had an interview to go to but it was actually just another trap of “A’s”. She ended up in a room full of mannequins and gets pushed onto the ground. Then of course, she receives a text from “A” saying, “Next time, you’ll be left faceless.” But “A” was very careless and dropped a key that Hannah found.

Then Hannah and Emily get really worried about Aria because she wasn’t answering any of their phone calls. They decide to go to her house and end up finding Meredith who was acting very creepy and scary. Meredith convinces them to go down into the basement to “help Aria find a flashlight,” but she just ends up locking them all down there. But really, who is stupid enough to go down into a creepy dark basement like that? Come on now.

Then Byron, Aria’s dad, comes home and Meredith tells him that Aria and her friends know everything about Ali threatening him about the affair. He goes downstairs, and I was so afraid he was going to murder Aria and her friends or something, but he was just making sure they were okay. Byron told Aria he was going to go to the police and tell them everything about how Ali threatened him in order to convince Aria that he had nothing to do with Ali’s death. That was enough to convince Aria, so she ended up burning Ali’s diary pages.

And finally, the episode ends with Spencer finally finding out Toby is “A”. Toby thought Spencer was still at “her father’s dinner” when in fact she was still at home preparing her anniversary dinner for Toby. So when Spencer sees Toby in his signature black “A” hoodie, she holds up the “A” key and asks if that was what he was looking for.

Then we see Spencer outside of Toby’s house sobbing and trying to get him to talk to her and convince her it was all just a dream. I felt my heart breaking while watching this. Then we get a glimpse inside Toby’s house and instead of Toby, it was actually Mona sitting at the table drinking the wine.

In the next couple of episodes, I’m excited to see how Spencer copes with this.  I’ll be expecting something big from Caleb and Paige!

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