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Hundreds Gather at State House for Pro-Gun Rally

2013-01-19_13-23-29_505Thousands of demonstrators throughout the U.S. gathered in front of their state capitals Saturday to protest legislature designed to control firearm regulations.

In Boston, more than six hundred people gathered in front of the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill in a form of peaceful protest.

Many of the supporters were organized by “It’s Time 2A,” a new advocacy group which brought people of varying backgrounds together to stand for their second amendment rights “through grassroots activism,” their website states.

“It’s our right to assemble and protest grievances,” said a man at the rally, who wished to remain anonymous. “Our freedoms as sovereign people pre-date the Bill of Rights. Our rights were there to begin with—we are here to protect them.”

Standing on the steps of the State House, speakers gave their speeches through a megaphone, the electric crowd cheering whenever a speaker said they “took an oath to defend the Constitution.”

The speakers represented all backgrounds, from military veterans to police officers, and even citizens who did not own guns.

“I do not own a firearm—but I support the right,” declared another speaker. “All rights are equally as valuable. [The Second Amendment] should be protected as any other.”

Many people in the crowd were quick to say that this is not a “partisan issue,” and that everyone had to work as a “community” to achieve their goal in a peaceful manner.

“This event is of great historical significance,” said David Nelson. “The fight against tyranny began here in the 1700’s—we follow in their footsteps.”

“This is not about picking up arms,” said the final speaker as the demonstration concluded. “This is a peaceful revolution. Use your words [and] your votes.”

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