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NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

broncosweb3s-1-webWith one week to go, the AFC playoff picture is all set but the NFC is a whole different story. Chicago, Minnesota, Washington, Dallas and New York will fill the remaining two spots. See where those teams stand in the final rankings for the 2012 NFL season.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (2-13): Jamaal Charles rushed for 226 yards and the Chiefs still lost. This shouldn’t happen. -RT

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13): Tebow time? -AD

30. Philadelphia Eagles (4-11): It was a good run, Andy Reid. -RT

29. Oakland Raiders (4-11): Oakland needs a solid first round draft pick … and then some. -AD

28. New York Jets (6-9): Greg McElroy, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow. Not even JoeNamath, the most overrated quarterback in NFL history, could help this Jets team. -RT

27. Tennessee Titans (5-10): What’s worse: scoring only 7 points in a game or allowing the other team score 55 in that same game? Disgusting. -AD

 26. Detroit Lions (4-11): Calvin Johnson may have avoided the Madden jinx but his team sure didn’t. -RT

25. Arizona Cardinals (5-10): Larry Fitzgerald, one of the best wide receivers in the league, recorded just his second 100-yard receiving game of the year in the Cardinals 28-13 loss to the Bears. Brian Hoyer isn’t the answer for Fitzgerald and neither is Arizona. Like Dwyane Wade says, “Get me out of here!” -AD

24. Buffalo Bills (5-10): You wonder if the Bills regret giving Ryan Fitzpatrick a 59-million dollar extension after last season. -RT

23. San Diego Chargers (6-9): It’s a little late to start winning games now. Good job, good effort. -AD

22. Cleveland Browns (5-10): Being competitive can only get you so far. And with the front office looking for head coaches, it’s only a matter of time until PatShurmur is out. -RT

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-9): On November 18 the Bucs were 6-4 and in great position to make a playoff run. Since then Tampa Bay has lost five straight games. -AD

20. Carolina Panthers (6-9): It may not be much, but Cam Newton has made plenty of strides in his second season. Maybe next year will be his big leap. -RT

19. Miami Dolphins (7-8): In the past two weeks the Dolphins have outscored opponents 48-13. Those opponents were the Jaguars and Bills, but moral victories count for something in Miami, right? -AD

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8): No playoffs for the Steelers. It doesn’t feel right. -RT

17. New Orleans Saints (7-8): Despite a season of many disappointments, the Saints have a chance to finish .500 with a win over the Panthers on Sunday. -AD

16. St. Louis Rams (7-7-1): Rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins is quickly becoming a star. He has four interceptions, three of which have been returned for a touchdown this season. -RT

15. New York Giants (8-7): The defending champs are technically not out of playoff contention but they need a lot of help and actually have to win a game, too. New York has been invisible the past two weeks, scoring a combined 14 points in games that could’ve clinched a playoff spot. Not this year, G-Men. -AD

14. Dallas Cowboys (8-7): A win on Sunday pushes America’s Team into the playoffs. A loss on Sunday pushes Jerry Jones over the edge. -RT

13. Chicago Bears (9-6): If Chicago beats Detroit and Green Bay beats Minnesota, “DaBears” are in the playoffs. Simple as that. -AD

12. Indianapolis Colts (10-5): CoachPagano is set to return after his battle with Leukemia. Chuckstrong is only getting stronger. -RT

11. Cincinnati Bengals (9-6): The Bengals went into Heinz Field in late December and beat/eliminated the Steelers, clinching a playoff spot for the second-consecutive year. Very impressive victory for Cincinnati. -AD

10. Baltimore Ravens (10-5): Baltimore’s recipe for success is Ray Rice. Let’s see if the Ravens stick to that gameplan. -RT

9. Minnesota Vikings (9-6): Adrian Peterson might not break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record but a win over the Packers on Sunday will give them an even better Christmas present — a trip to the playoffs. -AD

8. Washington Redskins (9-6): Six straight wins for the Redskins and one win away from winning their first NFC East title since 1999. -RT

7. Houston Texans (12-4): Houston has lost two of its last three games, being outscored 65-20. All of the sudden the Texans don’t look as intimidating as they did a few weeks ago. That could easily change in the postseason, though. -AD

6. Atlanta Falcons (13-2): After average outings from AP and Manning, Matt Ryan made his case for MVP on Saturday night. -RT

5. Green Bay Packers (11-4): The Packers are 5-0 against NFC North opponents this season and it’s possible they might play either the Vikings or Bears in the playoffs. My money is on the cheeseheads. -AD

4. New England Patriots (11-4): “We played pretty terrible out there” – Tom Brady. Enough said. -RT

3. San Francisco 49ers (10-4-1): The49ers must have missed their flight to Seattle because they were nowhere to be found on Sunday Night. Were they already looking ahead to the playoffs? -AD

2. Seattle Seahawks (10-5): Yup, they’re this good. -RT

1. Denver Broncos (12-3): The last time Denver lost a game Mitt Romney still thought he had a chance at becoming President of the United States. However, the Broncos went 2-3 this season against playoff teams. We’ll see how good they really are in January. -AD

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