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Dexter Finale (Ep 12) of Season 7 recap

In the season 7 finale of Dexter, the show begins with Dexter going to visit Hannah in jail. Hannah admits to poisoning Deb. She tells him the only reason she poisoned her was because Deb was trying to keep them apart. Hannah asks him to get rid of the evidence on her. If he does, they can run away together to Argentina. Dexter turns her down. After the visit, Hannah calls her friend Arlene asking her for help.

Later, Dexter and the babysitter, Jaime, are playing with Harrison. A knock arrives on the door. It is LaGuerta with police backup. She arrests Dexter for the crime of murdering Hector Estrada.

LaGuerta parades Dexter through the Miami Metro office. Bautista and Deb confront her as she brings Dexter to the interrogation room. She tells them she has evidence of Dexter being the Bay Harbor Butcher. In the interrogation room, LaGuerta accuses Dexter of killing Estrada. He denies it. She pulls out pictures of him throwing bags into a dumpster that same night. Dexter claims it was ice to keep the fish he caught cold. He turns the tables and tells her that if she did not see what Dokes was, it was her own bad judgment.

Masuka comes in with an analysis of Estrada’s shirt, which had blood on it, and a wallet. He tells LaGuerta that the blood on the shirt is Estrada’s, but it was a shirt stolen from evidence. Also, the wallet had a trace of her fingerprint on it. Dexter is let go and LaGuerta looks as if she framed him.

At Dexter’s apartment that night, his deceased father Harry turns up. He tells Dexter that he may have gotten LaGuerta off his tail for now, but Estrada is still free. If Estrada gets to LaGuerta first, he could testify against Dexter. Dexter assures Harry that he will find Estrada first.

Hannah’s day at court arrives. Before she takes the stand, she questions Deb as to how Deb can justify arresting her, when she knows what her brother is. Hannah pleads not guilty and is not allowed bail. As she is walking out, her friend Arlene throws herself on Hannah, hugging her. She slips Hannah a pill. As she is leaving the court, she takes it. When Hannah is being taken back to jail, she feels the affects of the drug, and begins convulsing. They must bring her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta calls Deb into her office. She begins apologizing about framing Dexter and tells Deb she wants to leave a few things in place for her, in case she gets fired. They begin talking about the Travis Marshall case. She asks Deb if she was at the church the night he died. Deb denies it. However, LaGuerta pulls out a video that shows Deb at a gas station putting gas into a can. LaGuerta asks her if there is anything she would like to say because she feels she is not the only one protecting someone they love. Deb tells her that she believes LaGuerta is under a lot of stress and leaves.

Across town, Dexter is following Estrada’s wife. He believes she will lead him to Estrada and is right. Estrada is sitting on a bench in a park. He pays two kids to throw a ball at him. Estrada gets up to chase them and ends up behind Dexter’s car. Dexter drugs him and pushes him into his trunk.

Deb reveals to Dexter what LaGuerta said to her. Dexter tells her he will handle it. Separately, Hannah has escaped from the hospital.

LaGuerta receives a phone call from Estrada. He tells her he is trapped in the same container in the shipyard as before. Dexter hangs up the phone, then proceeds to kill Estrada who is on his table.

At Bautista’s New Years Eve party, Deb realizes neither Dexter nor LaGuerta are there. She knows something is going on. Deb calls Dexter and leaves him a message telling him not to do what he is going to do. She leaves the party.

LaGuerta arrives at the shipyard. She finds Estrada’s body in the container. Dexter sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. He plans to make it look like LaGuerta shot Estrada and Estrada shot her back. However, Deb arrives with her gun in the air. Dexter explains what is going on. LaGuerta wakes up. She tells Deb to shoot Dexter because she is a good cop. Dexter tells Deb that she should shoot him. He drops his knife, telling her to kill him. Just when it looks like Deb is going to shoot him, she turns her gun on LaGuerta, shooting her. In disbelief of what she has just done, she runs to LaGuerta’s body, sobbing.

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