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Suffolk Moving Closer to Downtown Boston

SU 2Suffolk continues to have great overhauls as the year progresses. It was just released that Suffolk will be moving off Beacon Hill in the near future.

The Donahue and Archer buildings will be turned into administrative buildings, and the Ridgeway and Fenton buildings will be sold to the community. It is rumored that these buildings will be turned into elementary schools for the Beacon Hill residents.

There is an old, empty government building on Somerset Street that will be demolished and turned into an eight-story classroom building. This new building will have a dining hall, updated technology, and about 1,100 classroom seats. The university will also create a public park for Suffolk University students to use.

Suffolk currently has a 19-floor residence hall located at 10 Somerset St.

According to the Boston Globe, President McCarthy stated “[the new building] will be designed in a way that is flexible and allows us to react to changes we cannot even imagine right now.”

There has been a history of tension between the Beacon Hill residents and Suffolk students, due to the noisy traffic that students create throughout the course of a day. These residents wholeheartedly agree with Suffolk’s decision to move, as State Representative Martha Walz explained to the Boston Globe.

“Suffolk’s decision to pull back from the area will improve the quality of life for residents and create a better campus environment for students,” said Walz.

Students at Suffolk also agree with the decision to make the campus more centralized.

“I think that the idea of the public park is nice and it will give Suffolk more of a campus feel,” says Angela Bonito, class of 2016.

“The new building at 20 Somerset is a great addition to the Suffolk Campus. I think that this state-of-the-art building shows the administration’s commitment to improving the quality of education here at Suffolk, and look forward to seeing it completed,” states Senator Colin Loiselle, also from the class of 2016.

The demolition of 20 Somerset St. will happen next year, and a timeline of when the transformation will be finished has yet to be released.

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