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Avocados, Bananas, and Mayonnaise to Accent Your Hair

Edible Hair Treatment

AvocadoAvocado, bananas, and mayonnaise. No it’s not a salad, it’s three ingredients that can actually make your hair look and feel healthier, shinier, have more volume, and grow faster.The proposal for this was aired in Good Morning America. After introducing Emeril Lagasse and his fall recipes, there was a segment about all natural hair treatments. They had three stations and picked three lucky members from their staff to give it a try.

Avocados have rich vitamins and minerals that are said to improve hair growth when rubbed onto the scalp.

Bananas are to be used as a deep conditioner. Bananas can repair split ends and restore your damaged tresses and it leaves a yummy scent, of course.

Mayonnaise with eggs can also be used as a conditioner to dry up any unnecessary oils in your hair. It all seems so easy and good to be true.

Don’t believe it to be true? For the benefit of all women, these three ingredients will be put to the test to see if they can meet the expectation.

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