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Let Freedom Shut Up

ads“Give me one more shot at change … please? I promise I wont do the exact opposite again.” “Obama hates puppies.” “Mitt Romney is going to give every man 50 wives upon being elected.” “So, if I can dance on a couple of talk shows and wear a flat hat will you elect me leader of the free world?”

Ok, maybe these aren’t exact quotes from the Obama and Romney campaigns, but it isn’t exactly hard to see through the ghastly advertisement committees’ schemes behind the oh-so-obnoxious commercials that are blaring nonstop over the TV and radio this past week.

Yes, I understand you want my vote, but please stop putting your jingles and slogans inside my head to get it.

Where does my irritation root? Oh, I don’t know, perhaps from the fact that not only do these ads consume the very basis of the media at the moment, but also they are extremely biased and aggravating as they insult my intelligence with cheesy background music from Windows Movie Maker and Google images of crying children. And even worse, it seems sometimes when watching television these days all I see is the general opinion of the media shown in the ads.

Haven’t you people heard of ‘taking everything with a grain of salt?’ You cannot base your one shot at electing the leader for the greatest country in the world off a few pesky advertisements.

Or can you? Apparently for our generation you can.

I’ve seen more people talk about the exaggerations they see in political television advertisements as the basis of their argument for who should be president than I can count on both hands, and believe me, between the aggravation elicited from these commercials and the fools blasting their opinions on Facebook, I’m just about ready to pack my bags and regress back to Canada (just kidding, that would suck).

I can’t even go chat with someone on Facebook without seeing my newsfeed tainted with poorly articulated “opinions,” for lack of a better term. Regardless of what party you support or what candidate you favor, please leave your opinion at the doorstep when you walk into class and in your mind as you log into Facebook and Twitter. The more you spread how cool, independent, and rebellious you are through your opinions (yeah, that post will really stick it to grandma) you’re just giving into the bird-mentality and soon you’ll be mimicking others simply because they humor your ignorance like those stupid ads you buy into on TV.

Everyone is pretending that they’re so amazing and original but are simply brainwashed and spitting ‘facts’ they heard on television into their statuses. And together, they form the lower strata of Facebook – the pity posters. They whine and weep about their opinions until some poor soul dares to post an alternative opinion and then they explode in a hot mess of ignorance and grammar errors all over your screen.

So please, spare us all your brilliance and if you really believe in what you say you’ll go and try to make a difference instead of go and try to stomp on other people’s thoughts. But hey, now that the election is over at least I won’t have to hear another cheesy “change” ad or some promise that will never be kept blaring at me on a daily basis.I just might have to live those empty promises because the government still controls us; no matter how ‘free’ you think we are (surprisingly some people prefer it that way). Whether you like it or not, when you all flock together and sing to the hum of the media, you’re getting just as far as you would be if your eyes were glued to the television screen. Try and pry them off.

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