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Chanel Uses Brad Pitt for Chanel No 5

wWhat do you get when you mix a popular women’s invigorating fragrance with one of the sexiest men on the planet? You get a very strange commercial.

Chanel aired their commercial staring Brad Pitt as the new face for the N5 fragrance last week for the first time.

Pitt, looking relaxed, reciting a poetic verse with a low-tone, sensual voice, is the first man ever to advertise a women’s perfume from Chanel.

The underlying warrant: if you buy Chanel No 5, you will get men like Brad Pitt.

A lot of YouTube fans have created spoofs of the commercial.  There is even a web page dedicated to the ten best spoofs.  A unique spoof of a dog imitating Pitt has been created.

Most of the men in the spoofs are shown in the same black and white scenery talking very low and reciting unusual things that do not make sense.

The audience has taken this serious commercial from a top brand and turned it into a comedy. Number one on the top ten is the SNL skit that was recently aired.

The skit has comedian, Taran Killam playing the seductive fellow with a slightly unbuttoned shirt, dim lighting and grey back drop.

Killam begins with Brad’s opening “It’s not a journey” and proceeds to say “I’m sorry is there really no script? You want me to sound less coherent?”

Watch the commercial on YouTube and check out the spoofs.

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